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FOX SPORTS: Competitiveness keeps Benson Henderson focused through repetition and uncertainty

Published January 17th, 2015 by Staff

It may be tempting to think that former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson would have gotten a bit discouraged after having his UFC Fight Night opponent changed on short notice with little to no input in the matter. Or, that he would be let down to have to face a man he's already beaten twice before, Donald Cerrone, on Sunday night.

Henderson's focus and motivation don't come from any particular opponent, however. "My motivation comes from a little bit of everything," he tells FOX Sports.

"I love to do this. It's my job. I've got people training hard to beat me up. It doesn't take much to get motivated for all that. Also, the goal is always to be the world champion."

So, Henderson certainly isn't crying foul that Cerrone gets a third crack at him while the "Cowboy" is riding a six-fight win streak and was willing to face "Smooth" on short notice, since the former champ himself would love another chance at current title holder Anthony Pettis. "Showtime" has already beaten Henderson twice for titles, and the Arizona fighter is dead set on working back to another title shot.

However, even if he never again reaches that point, Bendo says that each and every fight ignites an equal fire inside him. Long-term and career goals and accomplishments are great, but Henderson says that he needs nothing more than the moment to get him going.

"At the end of the day, I just love to win," he explains.

"I'm so competitive. I want to win at everything I do. If we were playing checkers, I'd want to win. This is what I do, so I want to win each and every time out."



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