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Welcome to the new website of Benson Henderson!

Published August 18th, 2014 by Staff

Hey guys and gals, I'd like to personally welcome you to my all new website and blog. As some of you guys might already know, or glean, I'm a pretty bad procrastinator, this website is a long time over due. That being said, thanks for taking a minute or two and checking it out, I will be posting all my newest and latest content on here. All my social media updates will be teasers, so to speak, and the full content will be up on this site, be sure to sign up for the email updates to get all the freshest content right away.

Gonna be doing a ton of cool things on here, from giveaways and prizes to live chats and question and answers. I'll need you guys to keep me honest and to remind me to do more blogs or giveaways or whatever. I'm thinking I might even have just enough time to sneak in and do another fantasy football league on here, what do you think? Think you can beat me? Hahaha.

Please take your time, check out my site, let me know of any critiques you have or ways I could maybe make this website a little more user friendly.

I'm writing this on my hotel bed on Wednesday night, three nights before the Dos Anjos fight, so I might be a little tired and run down, low on calories and slightly dehydrated but I'm gonna conquer this procrastination thing one way or another, :-D.