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Thoughts from Tulsa

Published August 25th, 2014 by Staff

First and foremost, I have to thank God for the many blessings He's given me over the years, thank you Lord for the opportunities you've given me and the trials and tribulations that help us grow into the kind of person you want us to be...

Thanks to my wife for being my rock, for being my source of strength and inspiration, there's not enough words to describe all my feelings for you...

Thanks to my team, coaches and training partners, in this tough career choice we've made we're gonna have our share of ups and downs, it's an amazing comfort when you know your team is gonna have your back no matter what...

Thanks to all my family, friends and fans, this sport is as tough as there is, all the kind words, the messages, the tweets, the notes, the mentions, the posts, the texts, they mean the world to me because I don't do this for the same reasons a lot of other fighters do it for, I'd like to think I do it for a much higher cause and all your words let me know that I'm fighting for the exact right reasons...