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Need to be said

Published April 28th, 2016 by Staff

Tying to be concise but there's so much that needs to be said...

You gotta take your butt-whoopings like man, don't make excuses, don't mention 10 other reasons why it happened, just pull it together and start getting better. Doesn't matter if it's your job and missing a promotion, getting accepted to your university of choice or getting beat up for 25 minutes. Either way you can wait a week or a month or 3 months but eventually you need to pull it together and start working on improving...I choose to start improving now.

Have to praise the Big Man above for giving me the opportunity to let a little bit of His light shine out through my actions (in victory and defeat) and thank my amazing Wife for being my rock, there's not a chance I would be half the man I am without you by my side. Also couldn't be the fighter I am without the best gym in all of MMA, we're by each other's side through all the ups and downs of this crazy career we've chose. Love you boys and girls. And to the greatest fans in the world, thanks for the positive vibes and kind words!!! Like I always say, this career is too hard if not for your guys and girls support!!!

God bless...